August 21, 2021 | 9am
Charlo, MT

  • Preview dates: Friday, August 20th, Noon – 6pm
  • Farm equipment, tractors, trailers, attachments, firearms 100+, ammo, reloading, furniture, collectibles, etc.
  • Projected sale time of equipment is Noon followed by firearms, ammunition and reloading supplies.
  • No Reliable Cell Service At Auction Site – No Online Bidding Available – No Credit Cards Accepted
Dillon Reloading Press, Model RL450
Hornady Auto Shot Shell Reloader, Model 366
Lyman Primer Press, Lyman Primer Remover
Lyman Case Trimmer
Shooting Bench, Wheeled Gun Case, Chronograph
Pistol Belts, Gun Vise, Sand Bag Shooting Rests
Lyman Lead Ingots, Lee Lead Pot, Lyman Mag 20 Lead Melter
Lyman True-Line Jr Bullet Press
Gun Smithing Screw Drivers, Gun Cleaning Supplies
RCBS #55 Powder Dispenser
RCBS 5.0.5 Reloading Scale
Holsters, Cartridges Holders, Scope Rings, Pistol Cases
Hodgdon Powder - Rifle & Pistol
RMI Powder, Black Powder
Lyman Reloading Dies
Lyman & Ideal Bullet Casters, Lee Aluminum Bullet Casters
Metal Ammo Boxes, Gun Books, Tasco 17E Spotting Scope
Pistol, Shot Shell, Sm & Lrg Rifle, Magnum Primers
Reloading Supplies-Oil, Lube, Finish, Patches Etc..
Muzzle Loading & Black Powder Shooting Patches
Shotgun Wads, Target Thrower, Clay Targets
Little Giant Jr Tap & Die Set No. 307
30-06, 7.62, 308, 32-20, 30-30, 338,
30-40 Krag, 38 Special, 45-70, 44 Mag, 45 Auto, 45LC
223 - 3500 +/- Rounds
38-40 Win, 357, 7.62 Russian, 8mm Manlicker
22 - 5000 +/- Rounds
20GA, 12GA, 12GA Slugs, 8mm Mauser, 22-250
410 Shotgun, 38 Speed Loaders, 45 Auto Clips
38 Special & 7.62 x 63 Brass
243, 257, 308, 338, 44, 22, 270, 32-20, 38, 458, 250, 45-70,
35, 570, 6mm, 25, 358
50 Cal Black Power, Wad Cutters
Hi Standard Super Matic 22LR Auto
S&W Highway Patrolman 357
S&W 357 w/Wood Display Box
S&W 1955 45 Cal, 6"Barrel w/Wood Display Box
Colt Combat Commander 45C, Auto, Stainless
Colt 45 Auto, Colt 45 Auto Nickel, Colt 45C Revolver
Ruger P85 9mm Auto
Black Powder 50 Cal? Revolver
Colt MKIV 45 Auto, Gold Cup National Match
WF& Co 31 BP, 4" Barrel, Powder Horn, Bullet Caster, NIB
Colt P7840 45, 4" Barrel, Orig Box, Texas Sesquicentennial 1836-1986
Colt P778 Commentative 44-40, NIB
Colt Single Action Army P-1740 44, NIB
Sturm Ruger Mini-14 223 Stainless w/Weaver Scope
Browning 92 44 Rem Mag, Lever Action
Marlin 39 Carbine 22LR, Lever Action
Winchester Model 94 44-40, Lyman Peep Site
Bolt Action Rifle, Dbl Trigger, Checkered Stock, Maker Not Found
Remington Model 25 25-20, Pump, Lyman Peep Site, Stamped UMC
Ruger No. 1, 243, Single Shot, Lever, Leupold 3x9 Scope
Winchester Model 94 30-30, Lever
Remington Woodmaster 742 30-06 Semi-Auto
Winchester Model 94 30-30, Lever
Webley Mark VI 45LC Break Open Revolver
Navy Arms Co. BP Revolver, Made in Italy, 50 Cal?
Colt 38WCF Revolver, Navy Emblem
S&W 586 357Mag Revolver
Colt New Frontier 22 Revolver
Colt Army Single Action 44-40 Revolver
Colt 32WCF Revolver
USFA 45 Colt Revolver, 4 3/4" Barrel, No Model Found, Rodeo?
Stoeger 45 Colt Revolver, Italy
Remington Wingmaster 870 410 Pump Shotgun
Stevens 9478 410 Single Shot
Stevens 940B 20GA Single Shot, 2 3/4-3"
Russian 8mm Bolt Action Rifle, M24-47, 33902
Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895 Bolt Action Rifle, Stainless, Belgium, 243?
Marlin 782 22WMR Bolt Action Rifle, Bushnell 4x32 Scope
Remington 22LR Semi-Auto w/Simmons 4 Power Scope
AMA DEO Rossi Overland 12GA Coach Gun
Ruger No.1, 45-70 Government Single Shot Rifle
Marlin 1894 44 Rem Mag Lever Action Rifle, Micro Groove Barrel
Ruger 10-22 22LR, Stainless w/Bushnell 4x32 Sportview Scope
Ruger 10-22 Carbine 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle w/Target Barrel
Remington 700 30-06 Bolt Action Rifle w/Leupold 3x9 Scope
Winchester Model 70 270 Bolt Action Rifle w/Hi-Lux Scope
308 Bolt Action Rifle, Stainless, No Maker Found
Winchester Model 70 338 Win Mag Bolt Action Rifle w/Leupold Scope
Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle, Octagon Barrel-Needs Work
S&W 19-3 357 Mag Revolver, Stainless
Fillipiettia 44 Cal BP Revolver, Italy
38WCF Revolver, 4" Barrel, No Maker Found
Euro-Arms New Army 44 Cal Revolver, Italy
Sturm-Ruger Super Black Hawk 44 Mag Revolver
Ruger New Model Single Six 22 Mag Revolver
Colt Revolver, 5 1/2" Barrel, Nickel 45?- Needs Work, Colt Revolver - Needs Work
Ruger Vaquero 45 Cal Revolver
S&W 586 357 Mag Revolver
Colt New Frontier 22 Revolver
S&W 29-2 44 Mag Revolver
PN Black Powder Revolver, 5 1/2" Barrel, Caliber? - Needs Work
Ruger Signature Model 22 Semi-Auto
Ruger Old Army BP Revolver, 7 1/2" Barrel
S&W 1950 45C Revolver
S&W 38 Special Revolver, S&W 10-5 38 Revolver, S&W 38 Revolver
Colt Trooper MKIII 357 Revolver, Stainless
338-06 Bolt Action Rifle, Synthetic w/Bushnell Sharp Shooter Scope
Ceskostovenska V2.24 Bolt Action Rifle w/Stainless Bull Barrel
US Springfield Armory 30MI Semi Auto Rifle, Peep Site
Pipapazione 1884 Torino Bolt Action, Gardone VT, Manlicker Stock, Stamped 12C
Ithaca 600 12GA Single Shot, Vented Rib
Savage 110V Series J 22-250 Bolt Action Rifle w/Bushnell Sportsview
Connecticut Valley Arms 50 Cal BP Rifle, Octagon Barrel
Thompson Center Arms 36 Cal BP Rifle, Octagon Barrel
US Springfield Armory US Carbine 30 MI Semi-Auto Rifle
Thompson Center Arms 50 Cal BP Rifle, Octagon Barrel
Thompson Center Arms 50 Cal BP Rifle, Octagon Barrel, Leather Sling
Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle 50 Cal BP Rifle, Octagon Barrel
Connecticut Valley Arms 54 Cal BP Rifle, Octagon Barrel
Thompson Center Arms 36 Cal BP Rifle, Octagon Barrel
Thompson Center Arms Big Boar 58 Cal BP Rifle, Octagon Barrel
Connecticut Valley Arms 58 Cal BP Rifle, Octagon Barrel, Spain
Antonio Zoli & Co 58 Cal BP Rifle, Manlicker Brass Band Stock, Italy
Remington UMC 25-20 Pump Rifle
Parke Rifled 22? Bolt Action Rifle - Needs Work
Ithaca Feather Lite 12GA Pump 2 3/4" - Needs Work
Address Sam L Colt, NY City 36 Cal Percussion Revolver 7 1/2", Octagon
Colt F1500 BP Revolver, NIB
Colt DA45 BP Revolver
Colt F1200 44 BP, Engraved Cylinder w/Original Box
Colt 1860 Army 44 BP Revolver, Engraved Cylinder w/Original Box
Colt Model SMR BP, Engraved Cylinder w/Original Box
Colt 44 BP Revolver, Engraved Cylinder w/Original Box
Colt F1400 36 BP Revolver, Engraved Cylinder w/Original Box
Colt BP Revolver, Engraved Cylinder, Caliber?
Marlin 1895 45-70 Lever Action, Octagon Barrel
Marlin 1895 SS 45-70 Lever Action
Remington 721 270 Bolt Action w/Leupold Scope
Springfield Armory 30 MI Semi Auto Rifle
Winchester 70 270 Bolt Action Rifle w/Hawk Scope
Weatherby Mark V 300 Bolt Action Rifle, Stainless, w/Vari-X II 3x9 Scope
Winchester 95 Army 30 Cal Lever Action Rifle w/Redfield Peep Site
Winchester 30 MI Semi-Auto Rifle
Marlin 336 30-40 Lever Action Rifle
LeFever Arms Co. 12GA SxS, Engraved w/Flying Goose
Remington 03-A3 30-06 Bolt Action Rifle w/Manlicker Stock
Pedrosli 45-70 Rolling Block Rifle
Modelo Argentino 1879 E.N. 43 Spanish Rolling Block w/Manlicker Stock
Austin & Halleck 50 Cal BP Rifle
Ithaca 51 12GA Semi-Auto 2 3/4"
Remington 10A 12GA Pump
Winchester 97 12GA Pump 2 3/4"
Winchester 25-20 Lever Action, Octagon Barrel, Peep Site
Mossberg 12GA Shotgun, Full Choke 2 3/4 - 3"
Savage Model 99E .308 Rifle w/Bushnell 3x9 Scope
Midland .243 w/ 3x9 Bushnell Scope Chief IV
Springfield 03-A3, Timney Adj Trigger w/Simmons 6x20 Scope
Remington Model 700 BDL 300 Winchester Magnum, Stainless Barrel
Ruger New Model Single Six .22 w/ .22 Magnum Cylinder
Ruger New Model Blackhawk .45 LC w/ .45ACP Cylinder, Herrett Grips
Colt H.E. Woodsman 22LR Semi-Auto, Loose Grip
44 Cal Revolver, Needs Work
Hesston 110 Swather, 8' Header
Hesston PT-10 Haybine, 8' Header
Massey Ferguson 50D Backhoe, Model MF300B
Vermeer Model 605F Round Baler
Farmall F706D Diesel Tractor w/1 Remote, 1000 & 540PTO, SN#16764S-Y
Farmall Model M Tractor - Non running
American Made GN Trailer 7'x20'
Side Delivery Ground Drive Rake 10'
Ferguson 36324 Hay Rake, 8', 3pt, Type DE0-20
JD 403 Brush Hog 4'
Woods 59 Mower Deck, Belly Mount
Box Scraper 6', Back Blade 6'
Bucket Mount Bale Spear
Herd Sure-Feed Broadcaster
5' Sickle Bar Mower - Yard Art?
4'x8' Trailer w/Wood Sides
International Model 37 Baler, SN#8080
Ford 800 Tractor w/Ford Loader
International F Cub Tractor SN#50133-Being Restored
Galvanized Panels 20' (10), 4' Gate (2)
Powder River Panels 12' (2), 10' (1)
Galvanized Water Troughs
Sickle Bar Sharpener, Sickle Mower Bars, Rivets, Fence Stretcher
Ford 3pt Sickle Bar Mower, 7'
Ford Tandem Disc, 10'
Gannon Earth Cavator 5', 3pt
Fencing Supplies-T Posts, Wood Posts, Rolls Barbed Wire, T-Post Driver, Wire Ties
Misc Lumber, Misc Steel & Iron, Oil Barrels On Stand
Sickle Mower Bars, Rivets, Fence Stretcher
Gallagher, Magnum, Craftsman Fence Chargers
Tractor Chains, Misc Tractor Parts, Tractor Top Link
Round Bale Belt Crimper
48" Welded Wire 2"X 4" Squares, Metal Car Ramp, Truck Chains
Misc Tin, 3 Rib, 20' L x 2' W, Galvanized 40 +/-
Coleman Camp Stoves, Lanterns, Oven, Cooking Cajun Smoker & Grill
Husqvarna 288XP Lite Chainsaw
Chains, Homelite Generator, Homelite Chainsaw
Electric Belt Sander, Grease Bucket w/Pump
Little Town 400 Vise
Grease Guns, Floor Jacks, Braided Rope
Brazing Rod, Files, Tin Snips, Saws, Chain Pliers
3/4" Drive Sets/Sockets
Snap On 1" Drive Impact Sockets
Disc Grinder, Jig Saw, Drill Bits, Punches, Chisels
Crescent, Tork, Pipe Wrenches
Brass Punch Set, Dremel Tools
Crew Line Creeper, Tubing Cutter
Snap-On End Wrench Set
Proto Impact Driver Set, Elect Impact Driver
Wood Planes, Gear Puller, Repair Manuals
Masonry Bits, Dowling Jig, Tool Belts, Hand Drills
Welding Rod, Gloves, Strikers, Helmets, Chaps
Wood Lathe, Wood Lathe Chisels
Craftsman Band Saw, 12"j Router Table, Radial Arm Saw, Grinder
Torch Hose, Torch Gauges, Air-Co Torch Gauges, Bottles
Victor Torch Head, Torch Tanks & Carts
Brazing Tips, Flux, Flux Care Welding Wire
12'L x 6' H x 2' D Steel Cabinet
1/2 Ton Motor Stand
Craftsman 10" Belt Line 3HP Table Saw
Bolt Bin, Vises, Toolboxes, Air Hose Reels
Air Drill, Work Lights, Handyman Jack
Columbian No. 205 Vise (2)
Elect Pipe Vise Threader
Nuts, Bolts, Lynch Pins, Oils, Hammers, Hatchets
Craftsman 1/3HP Grinder, Craftsman Air Compressor
B&D Drill Press, Sander, No. 4 Drill Vise
Oil Catcher, Napa Battery Charger
Enco 7" x 10" Variable Mini Lathe
Master Mechanic Belt/Disc Sander 4" X 6"
Schumacher Battery Charger
Snap On Tool Box, Snap On Battery Pliers
Compound Miter Saw, 10"
Metal Band Saw 4 1/2"
Socket Sets, Calipers, Tape Measures, Levels
End Wrenches, Screw Drivers, Crowbars
1/2" Top x 8' x 2' Steel Welding Table
Idealarc 250 Lincoln Welder
Maxus Air Compressor
Road Shock 8000lb 12V Winch
Chicago Electric Flux Welder, 90 Amp
K&F 16" Speed Floor Drill
Milwaukee 6" Bench Grinder 3/4HP
Lifting Straps, Pipe Clamps, T Square
Chatillon's Iron Clad Brass Scale
Railroad Keys
Old Wood Grenade Boxes
Misc Spurs, Bull Whip
KA-Bar Knife, Meat Claw
Old Lanterns, Galvanized Buckets, Trunks
Park Bench, Cast Iron
Aluminum Spurs
4' Cross Cut Saw
Old License Plates
Wood Boxes
Vulcan Anvil, 40lb?
Stock & Roping Saddles (2)