May 5, 201810 AM
767 Porter Hill Rd
Stevensville, MT

Automated Plasma Cutter w/100’s of patterns, Anvils, Metal Lathe, Metal Worker, Forges & Tools, Horse Drawn Wagons (Beautiful!!), Harness, Antiques, Milling Machine, Trip Hammers, Riding & Pack Saddles….

Everything in this auction is in pristine condition! One you will not want to miss!




Hypertherm Power Max 900 Computerized Plasma Cutter    Yellowstone Mud Wagon, 3 Seater, Leather Tuck & Roll,  Antique Steam Pressure Gauge
     w/Over 1000 Patterns, Water Cooled, 240v, 1Ph        Trunk Carrier, Roll Down Side Curtains Antique Pipe Threader
Snedigar Threading Machine w/Oil Pump, Will Also Twist   Lite Town Delivery Wagon w/Runners - All Oak Wagon Jack
     3/4" Cold Steel, 1HP, 3Ph   Obstacle Endurance Race Wagon, Disc Brakes, Made in Austria, Fire Engine Horse Collar
G&E Eberhardts 24" shaper, 3HP, 240v, 3Ph Eq#31M25        1937 & 1938 World Championships, All Steel, Has Some Modifications Wood & Steel Hames
Snedigar Power Roller, 4' - 3 Powered Rollers, 4 Spd,    Hitch Wagon w/Hyd Brakes, Full 5th Wheel - All Greasable Ice Tongs Small & Med
     Motor, 3Ph, 230/46, 17/1 Gearbox   2 - Spoke Tenons, Wagon Wheel Trace Antique Ford Car Jack
Snedigar Strap Cutter-Leather, 1/4HP, 115/230, 1Ph Wagon Wheel Truer Rawhide Snowshoes
Cincinnati Flattop 15"x54' w/Taper Attachment, Face Plate, Wagon Wheel, Wheel Wagon Horse Antique Conibear Trap
     Face Grinder & Tools, 3&4 Jaws, 2HP, 220/440, 3Ph 8' Disc, Horse Drawn Antique Newhouse & Victor Traps
Little Giant 25Lb Trip Hammer, 130v Elect Motor Buggy & Wagon Parts Washboard, Bushel Baskets
Little Giant 50lb Trip Hammer, 5HP, 230/460v, 3Ph 3 - Cultivators-Horse Drawn Copper Boiler, Hand Grinder
Snedigar 50lb Trip Hammer, Air w/Elec. Control Spoke Shavers, Wagon Wheel Spoke Pointers Apple Picking Sacks
Uni-Hydro Iron Worker 42 Ton, 3Ph, 240v, On wheels,  2 - Spoke Tenons, Wagon Wheel Trace Juicers, Pitter
     w/Punches & Dies Buggy Steps Cream Separator Parts, Cream Cans
Whitney-Jensen Model 34 Punch w/Hyd & 100 +/- Dies Wagon & Buggy Spokes 200 +/- Milk Bottles, Carrier, Chamber Pot
Do All Metal Mater Band Saw, 17N3 863, SN401338 Bed Chamber
Norton Face Grinder SNH5192 1947, 240v, 3Ph,   TACK & HORSE Cast Iron Dutch Oven
    Accurate to 1/8/1000th w/Magnetic Vise Champion Leather Sewing Machine, Straight Needle, 1"+ Corn Planter, Potato Planter
Sound Bend Lathe CL187RB, 3 1/2' Bed, Chart No. 6752R,       Sewing Capacity w/Waxer & Accessories Hand Scythes
     3 & 4 Jaw, Center & Follow Rest Calvary Saddle Bags Tie Hackers Tongs
Hendey Shaper, 2HP, 220/440, 3Ph, Twin Disc Clutch Snedigar Custom Saddle 15" w/Britchen & Breast Collars Broad Axe, Addes Heads
Induma-Italy Milling Machine w/Acu-Rite Digital X & Y,  Clark Saddle 14" & 12 1/2" Antique Beef & Hog Splitter
     3Ph, 240v, w/Collettes Hamly Saddle 13" Old Carpenter Tools
South Bend Lathe 22-AC, 9" Swing, 4' Bed, 3 & 4 Jaw,  Earl Stewart Saddle 14" Tin John Deere Signs
     Extra Gears, Face Plate, 120v Singer Book Makers Sewing Machine Old Sharpening Wheel
Portable Band Saw-Cast Iron, 120/240v, 1Ph, 1HP Snedigar Sneakers Horse & Mule Shoes Old Tins, Hang Animal Fogger
Portable LP/Gas Forge Caulked Draft Horse Shoes Brass Scale - 500lb
Snedigar Tumbler/Polisher Horseshoe Caulks Freight Bells
Snedigar Metal & Stain Glass Chandelier Shoeing Stock, Log Tongs Steel Wheelbarrow
Delta Spot Welder, 5KvA No. 26-109 220v, 1Ph Single Trees, Evener Oak Table, Muskrat Stretchers
Ryobi Compound Miter Saw Draft, Horse & Mule Shoes-NEW, 1000lbs +/- Hobart Coffee Grinder, Model 3 3330, 110V
Snedigar Slag Tank, Water or Oil Horseshoe Nails Hay Picker, Well Wheel
Snedigar 3 Ram Hey Unit, Portable, 3Ph, 240v Lady Leg Bit Corn Husker-Hand Crank
Jet Power Hack Saw 1/2HP, 120v, 1 Ph Horse Hair Pads Leavitt Geared DeHorner
Post Vises Bridles, Britchens, Halters, Saddle & Pack Pads Hesston Belt Buckle Collection 1974-2006 (31 Total)
Hodgen & Gooden 152lb Anvil- Excellent Cond! (#1 of 500) Horse Collars, Single Drae Harness - Lots
Coal Forge, Concrete Base Collar Housing - Horse & Mule FARM & RANCH
Forge Tools & Tongs - Lots! Driving Bridles & Bits John Deere Model MT Tricycle Tractor
Snedigar Gas Forge - Gas/LP Horseshoeing Tools John Deere Loader for MT Tractor
4'x8' Forge Hood, Steel Stand Driving Spreaders John Deere 2 Bottom Plow for MT Tractor
Snedigar Anvil 300lbs +/- Manty & Swing Ropes IH Model 57 Baler - PTO
Snedigar Polisher/Grinder 115/230, 1HP, 1Ph Horse Blankets, Manty Traps Snedigar Front Mount Post Driver
Belt Sander, Portable Draft Halters, Horse Kegs-Wood John Deere 6' 3Pt Sickle Mower
Snedigar 12" 2 Wheel Grinder, 3HP, 230v, 1Ph Logging Harness, 1 Pr, 1 Single Oliver 1 Bottom 2 Way Plow
2 - Craftsman 8" Grinders w/Diamond Wheels Saw Buck Saddles Side Delivery Rake
Grinder Stand Small Harness 3Pt Hammer Mill, 3 Pt Quacker
Steel Work 24" x 36" Elk, Deer & Beef Hides PTO Pump
Steel Work 24" x 24" w/Post vise Heavy Tugs Steel Manure Spreader
C-Clamps, Vise Grips C Style Leather Working Tools Farm Wagon 7' x 12'
HD C-Clamps Landis D8295 Leather Splitter Hay Head 10'
Millermatic 250 Wire Welder Spoolmatic 30A, Alum,  Leather Spotter w/Dies & Spots John Deere #7 Sickle Mowers
     SS Gun, 240v, 1Ph Stitching Wax Quacker 10 1/2'
Auto Welding Hoods Rawhide, Sleigh Bells Old 3 Bottom Plow
Skutt Electric Kiln, 2250° Max, Model 181, 115/230, 1Ph Piute Hobbles Dump Rake 10'
Welding Rod, Soldering Supplies Brass Top Hames Circle Saw Sharpener
Steel Fridge/Welding Rod Storage Neck Yokes, Buggy Bridles Cement Mixer Portable
Victor Torch Set Rifle Scabbards Circle Saw Anvil
Torch Cart Buck Rolls Elevator Bolts
Smiths AC Stick Leather Sides - Harness to Latigo Grain Elevator 3"x 16'
DeWalt 4" & 6" Grinders Camping Griddles, Pots, Pans 5th Wheel Stock Trailer, Removable Sides, 3 Axle, 8'x16'
Alamite Grease Guns Wood Camp Stove 1978 NuWa 5th Wheel Camp Trailer 22 1/2', 80 Gal Fuel Tank
Jet Drill Press JDP-20MF Rawhide Pack Boxes
Drill Vises, Drill Bits, Nuts, Bolts 8 - Pack Saddles, Pack Boxes
Set Machinist Squares, Gera Pullers Tent Fly
Jet Band Saw, Portable Army Wall Tent w/Stove Jack
Snedigar Shop Press 150T, Elect Over Hyd, 3Ph, 240v 12x14x4 Canvas Wall Tent w/Stove Jack
Armature Lathe Pack Box Cooler
End Mill Bits - Several
Broaches, Reamers, Keyway Cutters, Carbide Bits
MBC Dial Indicator
Stainless Steel Vat on Wheels
Strap Steel, Cold Rolled Rod & Square
Milwaukee 14" Cut Off Saw
Crown Plating & Polisher/Ore Tumbler, 3Hp,3 Ph, 240v
Scrap Iron
Steel Table 4' x 4'
Portable Radial Arm Saw
Champion 1500W Generator - New In Box
Steel Coloring Acids
Quench Oil 32 HS, 40 +/- Gal